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Fire Resistant Data CableFire Resistant Data Cable BS5839


CSE cables offer a range of high performance fire resistant data cables designed to continue transmitting data even when being directly attacked by fire. This allows safe monitoring of evacuation routes without putting additional lives at risk.

We are able to offer the twisted pair cables in 1, 2 and 4 pair construction. Each with a 0.63mm size conductor, overall screen plus a drain wire and Tinned Copper Wire Braid with a LSZH outer sheath.

Physical Characteristics

Min. Installation Bend Radius:  8 x overall diameter.
Min. Fixed Bending Radius: 6 x overall diameter.
Installation Temp. Range: 0°C to 50°C.
Installed Operating Temp. Range: -20°C to 60°C

Technical Information:

Design: Generally to ISO/IEC 11801:1994; EN 51073:1995; EN 50288-2-1
Flame Retardant:             IEC60332-3-24
Corrosivity: IEC60754-1+2
Smoke Test: IEC61034-1+2
Fire Resistant:

BS5839 Clause 26.2E >2hrs @ 950°C
BS6387 >3hrs @ 950°C
IEC60331-23 >3hrs @ 750°C
BS EN 50200 >3hrs @ 950°C

London Underground Tests and Approvals:

Fire Resistant BS5839-1 Clause 26.2E >2hrs @ 950°C
Fire Resistant BS8434-2 2003 PH120 120min
Fire Resistant BS EN 50200 200 >3hrs @ 950°C
Flame Retardant BS4066 Part 3
Smoke Emission BS EN 20568
LUL Flammability, smoke and fume 2-01001-002
DP99 Compound approval E4156 Part 1
LUL Standard E4156 Part 1 Approved

Technical Data:

CSE Part Number Cable Size Screen Sheath Weight kg/km O/D (mm)
CSE-1TP-22(1)-FR 1 pair 0.63mm - 22(1)AWG Foil & Braid Red LSHF 48 6.8
CSE-2TP-22(1)-FR 2 pair 0.63mm - 22(1)AWG Foil & Braid Red LSHF 97 8.1
CSE-4TP-22(1)-FR 4 pair 0.63mm - 22(1)AWG Foil & Braid

Red LSHF 122 10.4